WEDDING TRADITIONS : Superstitions and Traditions

Ever wonder where some of the wedding traditions come from? Here are the believed origins of some of the most popular traditions.

Carrying the bride over the threshold
The tradition of the groom carrying the bride over the threshold the first time she enters the home as a wife has been around since the time of Ancient Rome.
Back then if the wife tripped when entering the house it was thought to be a sign from the Gods that they were not willing to accept the new bride. So when the groom carries the bride across the threshold there’s no possibility of the bride tripping.

The time of the wedding.
Up until recently (the end of the 19th century) wedding were evening events. Not only that but they ceremony was always held at the home of the bride too. After the actual wedding ceremony there was always a lot of dancing and drinking.
That gradually began to change when the French decided to start holding wedding ceremonies during the morning hours.
Another shift occurred during the roaring 1920’s when afternoon wedding became popular. Actually the exact time of 2 o’clock in the afternoon became popular.
Of course Royal families cannot have the same traditions as the masses so they decided that all Royal wedding should take place between the hours of 11 in the morning and 12:30 in the afternoon (a 1 and one half hour time span).

Wedding Veil
If the bride can have a happily married woman lend her a veil it is thought to be good luck. It is seen as the happily married woman passing the happiness and fertility enjoyed in her marriage on to the new bride.

Bridal Bouquet and Bride’s Garter
One of the most common traditions in the United States says that the girl who catches the bridal bouquet thrown by the new bride will be married within a year. The same goes for the guy who catches the bride’s garter.

The Bride and Groom not seeing each other before the Wedding
If the bride and groom see each other on their wedding day prior to the wedding ceremony it is thought to be bad luck. On the other hand, when they do see each other for the first time during the ceremony they should both smile at each other because that is thought to be good luck.

Tuesdays and Friday Weddings
Since Tuesday is the day of the week traditionally belonging to the God Mars and Friday is believed to be the day all evil spirits were born, ancient traditions were to not be married on those two days. As a matter of fact it was thought to be bad luck to begin any new venture on those days of the week.

A Rainy Wedding Day
Because rain is an ancient symbol of abundance and renewal if the bride is caught in a rain shower it is thought to be good luck.

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