Ten to Twelve Months Before the Wedding
Make certain that your homeowners or renter insurance policy actually covers the engagement ring. If not, add to policy.
Decide on the theme and color scheme for your wedding and for your reception too
Decide on the size of your wedding party and who will participate
Select your wedding dress along with the veil if applicable

Purchase the shoes that go with the selected wedding dress
Begin your search for the wedding invitations
Narrow your honeymoon location selection down to a few and then set your honeymoon budget to plan for

Six to Ten Months in Advance

Meet with the church official
If you are going to write your own vows, now’s a good time to start
Make the music/song selection for the entire ceremony.
Solos (if applicable>
Extend invitations to those you have selected as wedding ceremony attendants
You search for the bridesmaid dresses should start now
The grooms tuxedo along with the groomsmen and ushers and fathers attire should be selected
Reserve the rehearsal dinner location
If you are going to have out of town guests, then you should book rooms at a hotel near the church if possible

Make the final decision on your wedding invitations and place the order
Begin making a list of the people you will be inviting to attend
You may want to include directions to the church as well as the reception and rehearsal dinner, so now’s a good time to do that

If you will be having out of town guests, you may want to make a list of interesting activities they can attend/do while in town

Make the reservations for the honeymoon and don’t forget the car rental
If the honeymoon will be out of the country, make sure your passports are up to date
If you are going to have a bridal registry, now is the time to make your selections and to set up the registry.

Four to Six Months in Advance

Make appointment with the photographer for the bridal portrait
Make salon (hair and nail) appointment for prior to bridal portrait
Decide if you want birdseed, rice or bubbles (or something else) thrown at the reception and confirm that your selection is allowed at by the reception hall

Purchase or hand make the favors you will be giving the guests
Select, purchase or hand make the center pieces for all the tables at the reception
The bridesmaid dresses should be ordered now

If you will be using a limousine for transportation to and from the ceremony and reception, hire them now
The accessories you will need for the bride and groom should be purchased. Things like gloves, jewelry, cufflinks, etc.

Make your wedding band selections
Decide how you will be decorating for the reception and order the things necessary
Decide on your budget for the flower arrangements for the ceremony and reception and meet with florists.

Don’t forget to ask the mothers if they would prefer to carry a flower or wear a corsage
Purchase or hand make the flower girl basket if needed
Purchase of hand make the basket for the ring bearer if needed
Decide on the style and the flavor of the wedding cake and groom cake and meet with bakers to see what’s available and to sample their work

Begin winnowing down your invitee list
Set up your bridal registries with your gift selections
All male participants should be measured for their tuxedos now

Three to Four Months in Advance

Bridal portrait with photographer should be confirmed
Confirm nail and hair appointments prior to bridal portrait
Decide if you will be supplying disposable cameras during the reception
Have your first fitting of the wedding gown
Purchase or handmake the packages to hold the birdseed, flowers, etc. that will be thrown at the reception

Two to Four Months in Advance

If your music will include a solo, now is the time to meet with and select the soloist
If providing disposable cameras at the reception, purchase them now
Meet with photographer and have the bridal portrait appointment
Food, if provided, for the reception should be chosen now

Select the arrangement of the tables for the reception. If you are having sit down type of dinner, then you may want to make up a seating arrangement too

The table arrangement and seating arrangement for the rehearsal dinner should be selected too
Make your selection regarding the ceremony as to how the attendants will proceed down the aisle
Make your selection for the music to be played at the reception along with the dance selections, like father/daughter, mother/son, etc.

Your wedding vows should be finalized and memorized at this time
Ensure that the flower girls dress has been purchased and is of a complementary color
Ensure the mother’s dresses are purchased and are complementary colors
Bridesmaid dresses, shoes, etc. should be selected now

Purchase the bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honor and best man gifts. Don’t forget the soloist, the guest book attendant and the brides attendant
Make the appointment for the brides hair and nails
The wedding invitation list should be finalized now
The addresses of all invitees need to be obtained
The invitations and the ceremony program should be ordered now. If monogrammed napkins are to be used at the reception, order them now

If not using a caterer then you should reserve the reception linens, tables, chairs, etc.

Check with your state to see how far prior to the wedding date a marriage license can be obtained and set appointment with fiancee to obtain the license
If the honeymoon will be out of the county, get any immunizations required

Two Months in Advance

Book the rooms for all of the people from out of town who will need lodging
Meet will all wedding party participants and review their responsibilities. Don’t forget to have someone return the groom tuxedo
Make your selection as to the events and sequence of the events. Like cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet, etc.
Bride should have her second wedding dress fitting appointment
Select/purchase the clothes for the honeymoon and the ‘going away’ clothing
Make your decision on the clothes to be worn at the reception and the rehearsal dinner

If you are going to wear the ’something borrowed, something blue, etc.” make that determination now
Have the organist provide you with the music to be sure it is what you want and in the order you desire
If desired, you may want a babysitter to watch children during the actual ceremony

Contact everyone who needs to be at the rehearsal and let them now the time and date
Purchase your guest sign in book along with the pen too

To put your mind at ease, make a wedding day itinerary for all wedding party participants
If having a reception video, select the background songs, music

Double check to be sure the tuxedo rental has all the measurements they need
Hand address and then mail all the wedding invitations and response cards

One Month in Advance

If using flower arrangement for the rehearsal dinner tables, order them now
Decide exactly who will be riding in the limousine

Confirm the program sequence with the church official as well as with the organist too
Show final program to minister and organist to check for accuracy

Make a decision as to whether you are going to preserve the wedding bouquet and/or the wedding dress and make arrangements if necessary

Double check to be sure the DJ and/or bank has the music and equipment necessary for your music selections

Pick up wedding bands from jeweler
Confirm the reservations for the honeymoon

Record, or have someone else record gifts received and send thank you notes immediately if possible
If joint back accounts are going to be used, open them now

Two Weeks in Advance
Final Meetings with:

Florist to go over selections and leave a map to the rehearsal location, the church and the reception hall

Videographer, give them music you want as overlays and leave map to rehearsal, reception location and church

Photographer to go over any ‘must have’ requests
Band leader to go over any specific songs you want played at any specific times

Have ceremony programs printed
Print responsibilities for each wedding party participant and ensure they receive them
Confirm the brides nail and hair salon appointments

Final wedding dress fitting
Confirm hotel reservations for bride and groom on wedding night and confirm hotel reservations for all out of town guests
Write out the brides timeline for the wedding morning, for example, wake up, appointment, leave for church, etc.
Appointment for groom haircut
Send wedding announcements to local newspapers
Begin moving belongings to new brides home/grooms home/new home

One Week in Advance

Pack clothing and other articles for honeymoon
Complete the first page of the wedding guest book
Remind everyone needed for the rehearsal about the time and location
Marriage license should be left with the church official

If church official cannot be paid in advance, leave the money with the best man
Final head count should be given to the caterer and the reception facility manager
Double check on the flower arrangement delivery for the wedding and the rehearsal dinner, and the reception

Day Before Wedding

Pick up the wedding dress and the wedding veil
Groom should pick up his tuxedo
Deliver ‘throwing favors’, glasses to be used for reception toast, the cake knife and server and the centerpieces to the reception hall

Brides nail appointment
Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner with guests

Morning of Wedding

Hair appointment for bride
Grooms wedding band should be given to the best man and brides wedding band should be given to the Maid of Honor
Nothing left to do now but relax and enjoy and look beautiful in your wedding dress

It is not possible for any wedding checklist to include everything needed for every wedding. Weddings are personal and no two are exactly alike.
Use it as a guide to get you started and to help you remember things that your might have forgotten. Plus it’s a big stress reliever when you have everything located in a single place like this. Of course, one of the most important things is the actual wedding dress and we recommend that you always use a local Austin Wedding
Dress shop to buy the dress. There is no way the internet can possibly show you all the subtleties and find detail of a wedding dress, those things you have to see in person. When searching for Austin wedding dresses you will find lots of local wedding shops and wedding boutiques and bridal shops in your local area.

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